When you look at an individual operating a pressure washer, it appears to be cool, easy, and convenient at the same time. The truth is that all three elements define it very well, but so does the word dangerous to a great extent.

This article will identify the safety precautions one should take while pressure washing to sideline avoidable injuries.

  1. Body Protection

Regardless of whether you are operating a washer at a commercial level or at home, do not forget to put on suitable goggles for eye protection and gloves which allow you to grip the nozzle with sufficient control. It is also recommended that you cover your feet with boots which have a nice grip in order to avoid slipping.

pressure washer tips

Safety First – Wear Boots!

If you are managing a car service center for example, then you must ensure that your workers’ pay regard to these precautions regularly.

  1. Careful Spraying With Distance

You never know when a high pressure stream line of water can go a little out of its way and onto an electrical wire which can cause massive loss of life and property all at once. For starters, ensure that no such electrical openings and flammable items which can be triggered instantly are nearby while spraying. It is a good practice to carry out is to browse the internet and do your research to the find a few pressure washer reviews to find that one that’s right for the job task your doing, then do a thorough inspection of the surface and surroundings before you begin the washing.

In addition, water from the nozzle is give great intensity right at the end by the pump, which means that if you make the mistake of placing a functioning nozzle to close or too far from what is to be washed, you can risk loss of effectiveness and expose yourself to danger.

  1. Emission of Pollutants

Most models of pressure washers today are prone to emitting carbon monoxide in the surroundings, which is a toxic gas responsible for causing respiratory and irritating issues in people exposed to it frequently. For starters, seek medical attention if you feel nauseous right after washing, and stay away from the task for as long as the doctor advises you to.

The second problem is excessive emission; if your washer is making the air suffocating the more you use it then it might need some repairs or might have outlived its stay. To make sure such possibilities never have an impact on you, make sure you never do pressure washing in an enclosed environment.

Pressure Washer Safety Tips

  1. Unit Cooling

It is strongly advised that the washing unit, especially an electrically operated one, should be allowed to cool after using for a while before it is stored again. This is because the possible buildup of pressure right after usage can be fatal for the place where the unit is stored and for the future of the unit itself.

  1. Evacuate The Area

You might have sufficiently protected yourself, but if your washing area has people and pets roaming around then all of them could be exposed to the aforementioned risks as well as the risk of slipping, physical injury etc. Make it a priority to ensure that unneeded people are evacuated from the area.

In addition, we’ve included this video that has a lot important safety information.