We all trust vacuum cleaners to clean the house and remove all dirt and filth from around us. Although it might visually appear that the house is being cleaned off from all germs and bacteria – is it really what we see?

What Are Vacuum Cleaners?

There is definitely a deeper story to vacuum cleaners when we look at it in perspective to our health. Before we jump into highlighting the possible impact that vacuums have for your health – it is first important to understand what they really are. A vacuum cleaner is a much preferred household machine that usually comes with changeable filter bags and long cords that suck dust from the atmosphere. They are commonly used at home to clean as it visibly cleans the house from all type of dirt, filth and bacteria.

Are They Bad for Human Health?

Now this is a matter of concern that has been under debate for quite a while now. Are vacuum cleaners bad for health? Now the answer to this question comes with a mixed response.

Vacuum Releases Germ and Bacteria Back

Vacuums suck up the dirt from the surroundings with a high pressure suction. This makes cleaning fast and easy. However, it has been observed through extensive research and reading through many vacuum cleaner reviews that the dirt that vacuums suck with such high pressure are released back into the environment with equal force as well. This happens as soon as you switch off the vacuum that it pushes the germs and bacteria back into the surroundings although obviously it is much less visible this time.

Polluted Air Causes Health Problems

The entire point of cleaning your home is to make sure you are not attacked by germs. If vacuums are generally pushing major germs back into the atmosphere, it is most likely going to adversely impact your health. It has been reported that regular use of vacuum results in serious skin and breathing problems.

HEPA Filter Vacuums Can Be Different

It has been stated time and time again that a vacuum cleaner that comes with HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters are less likely to behave in such an absurd way and keep all dirt locked inside them. Of course, this is not 100% effective but is definitely a lot more better than normal and substandard vacuum cleaners.

Don’t Be Too Judgmental

There are many times when we can be a little hypercritical about things. You could be probably doing the same for vacuum cleaners too. It is very important to remember that vacuum cleaners have their good sides too and the advantages that come along with it are definitely not easy to overlook or ignore. You can definitely minimize the adverse health effects that vacuums have only by paying a little more attention to the type of product you are buying. A vacuum that comes with a HEPA filter and does not release the sucked dirt back into the air should definitely be on top of your buyer’s checklist.