Turmeric benefits are numerous and it is important that you include turmeric into your juice diet. I am about to give you a wonderful juicing recipe that involves turmeric and you will be surprised at how easy it is to make. The main reason why turmeric is vital for your health is because it can help with being able to boost up your liver, it can disinfect any kind of cuts that you might have, if you suffer with arthritis then it can help with easing your pain and it can defend and fight against cancer.

This herb has been in India for many generations an it’s also part of tropical areas such as Asia and has been used for a long time because of all the incredible turmeric benefits that is provided to us by nature.

You will find that if you use this recipe that there is some lemon juice involved with it. Lemon juice can greatly benefit you because it’s tangy plus it has a taste about it that is sweet. Lemon juice also has many benefits about it that tend to be healthy for you. Lemons can remove your wrinkles, it can help with anti-aging, plus it can help with removing acne and blackheads, so people of all ages can greatly benefit from lemon juice. If you have pain in your tooth then it can also help with being able to alleviate the pain from it and lemon juice helps to prevent cancer.

Lemon juice and turmeric is a powerful combination combined together and can greatly help the liver with providing a strong elixir for it. The two happen to have

Turmeric Juice recipe

Turmeric Juice recipe

many powerful benefits but when you combine them together with the best juicers, they become twice as strong and can work as a natural liver cleanse in your system.

Having a natural liver cleanse done is important because it gets rid of toxins in your system that might not be healthy for you and there are other many good things about it.

Honey is also very good to have with it. When you have honey you are helping to build up your immune system and it also helps to prevent cancer. Most people use honey as some kind of spread on their bread but it can be used in drinks and even in tea. Honey lemon tea is very popular and so is honey green tea.

Here is a quick and easy turmeric juice recipe that is very easy to do and comes loaded with tons of benefits. You will be giving yourself a very powerful and healthy boost with this easy free juice recipe.

Turmeric Juice Recipe


  • 5 fresh pieces of turmeric root
  • you can have either one or two lemons
  • two tablespoons of some honey
  • you will need both warm and cold water


Make sure that you have your juicer ready and plugged in before you begin. First you get your turmeric root and put it in the juicer.

The lemon needs to be peeled and then you can put the lemon in your juicer but don’t put it in until after you pill the lemons that you have. You can do both of them at once but it’s recommended that you do one at a time. A beetroot can be added when you want to boost up your liver.

Make sure that you continue to leave your juicer on and spinning then you pour down half a cup of some water that is warm.

Next you turn off the juicer and add in some honey.

Add in at least one or two cups of water that is cold.

Once you have added in the cold water the recipe is completed and you should drink it right away. You should not keep it in the frig for over three days.

When you are on the juice diet you will find many free juice diet recipes that can help with boosting your health and with cleaning your liver.