Recently, we, unfortunately, had to deal with a patient who had suffered a serious accident whilst using a Planer at work. Unfortunately, the US government does not impose health and safety standards on using Planers, whilst they do with other specialized types of machinery, such as lawn mowers and chainsaws. What we don’t understand though is that planers are actually extremely dangerous and can result in amputations. What we’ve released during the past two decades is that those who use planers are more likely to endure a very serious accident during their lifetime – more so than using any other type of equipment. Using a planer isn’t just about getting training either, it’s about being aware of what’s going on and wearing the appropriate security and health and safety equipment that you need to make sure that you are kept safe. If you would like more information on wood working planer, please visit best planers because they have many of the top planers on the market reviewed for you.

Whilst we can’t stop people using planers, and we most definitely can’t tempt the government into making health and safety laws for planers, we sure can pinpoint you in the right direction to buying a great planer that already includes health and safety features. Many of the planers currently available on the market aren’t made with safety in mind at all. Instead, they focus on having extremely large and powerful motors – which isn’t all that’s important. For example, consider reading a dw734 review and you’ll soon begin to see why DeWalt is one of the leading manufacturers for planers. They are one of the only companies who take health and safety seriously.

Here’s another planer from DeWalt, the DW735. The Dewalt DW735 is literally the best benchtop planer you can buy. I suggest it to anyone who is interested. It has a price tag of over $400, but it’s well worth it if you plan on doing some serious woodworking.

Notice how both of them come with safety attachments and manuals that are specifically focused on keeping you safe? Seriously people, be extremely careful when working with planers because they can seriously damage your health. It advised using these machine with extreme caution. They cut through wood like butter so imagine what they could do to human flesh!