So many designs, so many surfaces to choose from and certainly so many brands that your head starts twirling trying to pick a classy yet sturdy kitchen faucet. You have obviously read the many kitchen faucet reviews trying to find the best kitchen faucets on the market, gone through home improvement magazines by now. Instead of giving you a guide on the good and bad or creating a science of choosing, why not look from an aesthetics point of view so you know what to expect from each kind?

bronze faucetsFirst up is chrome. These super finishes kitchen faucets come in three variations. Brushed, polished and matte finish. They are not just economical and good looking but also rather durable. No oxidation or rusting worries but do keep in mind that they tend to attract watermarks.

Next up is nickel, which you will find either as brushed or satin finish. Once again, durable and super clean by nature but they tend to scratch easily so look for nickel faucets with titanium coating. For both these types, check out Delta Kitchen Faucets – they tend to make really good ones. Not only are they well made, they are extremely beautiful to look at.

Brass or Bronze is a third type commonly seen in the market and they usually come as antique finish in either the traditional worn out look or high gloss more edgy appeal. If such a classical design goes best with your kitchen then at least you need not worry about replacing them ever since bronze and brass faucets usually last the longest.

Try Danze and Kohler faucets for the most popular classic designs. Alternatively, if you want to reduce the cost and yet have a decent shelf life then try out solid color faucets. They are usually made from stainless steel and then coated with a metallic color.