Want to start eating healthy but don’t know where to start? Well we can provide you with some recipes which can surely sweep your feet away!

Breakfast Recipes

The definition of a healthy breakfast is to eat some fresh food or salad. However, you can always twist this up by making yourself some amazing, fresh and organic smoothies. These smoothies can help you in attaining full nutrition of fibers, calcium and protein and guess what? They are delicious too!!

  1. Berry Smoothies

You can try a berry smoothie by adding your favorite berry say blueberry along with yogurt, some bananas, a bit of vanilla extract into the blender. Blend it nicely and serve it in a glass.

  1. Mango Lassi

Blend in fresh mangoes along with yogurt, full cream milk, a little ginger and some lemon. Make sure the liquid has consistency and pour it in the glass. This will give you the perfect boost you require for your day!

  1. Green Smoothies

If you’re the type to prefer greens over fruits then fear not, we have a beautiful recipe for you that will give you all the necessary fibers, calcium, protein and vitamins!

Blend together some coconut water, or filtered water, a little apple juice, some spinach, avocado, a scoop of sproutein powder, a teaspoon of lemon zest grated, two tablespoons lemon juice and two cups of frozen mango. As long as you have a capable blender and did your research on the best blender reviews, the result will consist of a smoothie which will rock you completely!


If by any chance, you decide to skip your usual lunch to a healthy one, then try making some broccoli cheese soups or shitake soups or healthy artichoke tomato soups or zucchini noodles. These foods require less cooking and more blending. The flavors are all natural and will ensure you get a proper healthy diet.


The above applies for dinner too. However, you can add in a little change by sprinkling some cooked dressings on it. Or in case of soups, make homemade fresh bread along with it which can give you a balanced diet.

With Ninja Blenders, you can also make some sauce dipping for yourself. Just blend in tomatoes and a little chilly along with some salt and a little tinge of cayenne pepper. Eat the dipping with some bread and you will feel light and satisfied at the same time!

You can add in your special ingredients as well. Another example of a dipping is the yogurt containing mint, some chilies and bits of salt. Blend them in together and you have a fresh sauce perfect for dipping purposes.